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Fire S-staff


Fire S-staff

S-staff (buugeng, Shao-staff) is very hypnotizing prop. Combination of ilussion and martial arts.
Revolutionairy equipment on stage for visual shows. The mix of unusual shape with rotations, manipulation, martial arts and meditation makes visual kaleidoscope, that amaze the audience. Unique idea, that gives incredible number of geometric forms and visual illusions.

This fire staff version allows to try out possibilities of S-staff in different edition.

-length: 74 cm
-width: 24 cm
-weight of one staff: 315 g
-kevlar 55 mm
-shape, that helps in cirlce isolation
-grip made for manipulation

Price per pair – 2 S-staffs

This product is dangerous! There is possibility of getting burns, that’s why it should be used by people with expirience in work with fire! Neither shop, nor producer take responsibility for damages caused by wrong using of this equipment!

Weight 0.315 kg
Dimensions 74 × 24 cm
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