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Swing Torch


Swing Torch

Simple and unexpencive, but very practical construction. Swing is fire torch, that can be comfortably manipulated and spinned in hand. During the show you can imitate most of basic poi movements with possibility of stopping it in every position. Very useful for synchronic layouts. It works with learning some poi tricks, where on chains the movement is hard to slow down. Useful as a fire torch to light up the area.

-length – 44 cm
-weight – 140 g
-kevlar – 45 mm

Ended with elastic knob.
The colour of the knob is yellow, but we can change it if you want to.

This product is dangerous! There is possibility of getting burns, that’s why it should be used by people with expirience in work with fire! Neither shop, nor producer take responsibility for damages caused by wrong using of this equipment!

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