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Ivy FireDesign Fans


Ivy FireDesign Fans is an unique, stylish prop for every dancer interested in hot vibes


The floristic ornaments were inspired by ivy and exotic flowers. The circular grip varies the possibilities of manipulation. Five kevlar heaters are giving a big, exuberant fire.


An intelligent usage of new technologies has allowed us to create a fire fan of unparalleled abilities. This simple one-element structure has been cut in an extremely hard aluminum. At the same time it makes the Ivy Fan extraordinary hard but light. You will not believe how light! At the first glance it reminds more a heavy bar but only one takes it into one’s grip and it hurries to dance at itself!

The holding is perfectly grinded so one can easily spin it. This feature allows to do even the most difficult and technical manipulations.


We present an innovative kevlar holding called quick-release coupling. Not only gives it a hundred percent of confidence that the heater will not surprise us during the show but also provides a possibility of quick exchange which can be made in every condition – an action that until now was quite a challenge.

Floristic patterns are used not for ornaments but they also reinforce the fan’s structure. Additionally the ‘ivy’ shining in flames makes a stunning effect.


weight: 480 g (one fan)
fan’s arm: 37 cm
fan’s spreading: 71 cm
grip’s diameter: 9 cm
kevlar’s width: 4,5 cm
kevlar is mounted on a quick-release coupling

Price per pair.


This product is dangerous! There is psibility of getting burns, that’s why it should be used by people with expirience in work with fire! Neither shop, nor producer take responsibility for damages made of wrong using bought equipment!

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