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Poi Isis


Poi Isis

Many belive, that this is the final version of poi – Isis wins hearts of fire performers. Huge flame, easy manipulation and durability cause, that Poi Isis are dream of every dancer and desirable work tool of every professional.

Poi Isis is the top class fire poi designed for experienced users, that want something more in their shows and have specific requirements about their props.

Insane fire!

The assumption of Poi Isis is ardent fire without any compromises. The base of Isis are fire heads made of kevlar with complicated plait, that lets to absorb a lot of fuel – that equals getting bigger flames, that stay longer, than in regular fire pois. Fire heads are deprived of unnecessary metal parts, that could be life and health threatening. The rope was replaced with kevlar straps and that helps to keep fire heads in better state for longer time.

Uncompromising design

Because of perfect chain and swivels pois are not tangling and are easy to untie. That is extraordinarily important during performances.

This prop is first of the type on the Polish market and it is one of the most advanced fire equipment. We recomend it to people, that have some experience with fire handling and dancing with. Poi Isis reward caution and skill with magnificent visual effect. They let your creativity be unlimited. This prop lets you to blow minds – no matter where in the world.

Price per pair of POI ISIS

Isis – Egyptian goddess of fertility. This term of special poi kind was used for years. Long before certain being on the Near East.

Do not burn props to the very end. As soon as you see blue flame – it means you need to immediately put out the fire, because you already burn it too long and you should have done it sooner. Best way to put out a flame is to use fire blanket. After every burning soak the kevlar in the same fuel, that was used for setting fire. Do not burn again right after using – wait, untill it cools down. To keep your prop in good state longer, as a fuel use paraffin oil without added alcohol.


This product is highly dangerous! It can cause burns and body damages! Because of possibility of getting hurt – it should be used only by people with experience in fire dancing techniques! Neither shop nor producer take responsibility for damages caused with wrong use of bought equipment!

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