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Long Pleated Poi MAX


Long Pleated Poi MAX

is a ready set for fire spinning. Pois are pleated in shape of a braid. This set has round silicone knobs as a grip – this helps to throw and catch it. It is pleated with rope 13mm diameter. This pois give beautiful, very big and impressive flame, that stays for long. Endings of them were additionally secured with kevlar strap. That is an extra load and makes whole pois more durable. Long pleated poi are one of the largest fire poi made for professional fire spinners, that need spectacular fire.


-set is meant for professionalists
-used 4,8m of kevlar rope
-silicone knobs help to throw and catch
-length of burning surface: 47cm
-full length: 66cm
-weight: 510g

Price per pair of Long Pleated Poi MAX

Do not burn props to the very end. As soon as you see blue flame – it means you need to immediately put out the fire, because you already burn it too long and you should have done it sooner. Best way to put out a flame is to use fire blanket. After every burning soak the kevlar in the same fuel, that was used for setting fire. Do not burn again right after using – wait, untill it cools down. To keep your prop in good state longer, as a fuel use paraffin oil without added alcohol.


This product is highly dangerous! It can cause burns and body damages! Because of possibility of getting hurt – it should be used only by people with experience in fire dancing techniques! Neither shop nor producer take responsibility for damages caused with wrong use of bought equipment!

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