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Hop Hop Bubbles Set


Hop Hop Bubbles Set

Hop Hop bubbles is an unique toy. Tuban, as a specialist on Soap Bubbles field, made a set, that makes magic achievable for everyone. Everybody knows, that try of caching soap bubble ends with failure. Set Hop Hop Bubbles makes possible to stop a bubble for a long time, catch it in hand, turn, squeeze, twist, boost, juggle… all thanks to the magic gloves and necessary accessories!

The fact, that is the best liquid in the World, is supported by Guiness record:
-The biggest number of bounces of the soap bubble. The record was beaten on 1st December, 2013. It was made with 309 bounces and that is a lot more than previous record, because the old one was 195 bounces.

Set includes:
-2 straws for making bubbles
-2 gloves
-2 bottles filled with liquid
-manual (on the package)

Price for set.

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